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Ever wonder why a perfectly good battery loses its charge or refuses to stay charged? The primary reason that could be happening is a faulty alternator that needs to be repaired. But why? Well, the alternator is an incredibly important piece of the hardware around your engine under your vehicle’s hood. It takes energy and creates an alternate form of energy that gives all the electric equipment under your hood the correct power source. Additionally, an alternator keeps your battery charged up and makes sure it doesn’t lose its charge, so a messed alternator is something that requires a repair service right away.

When it comes to Orlando, we bring the magic whether that be on the basketball court or at one our Theme Parks like Disney World or Universal Studios. It only makes sense that the best mobile mechanic in Orlando, Florida also brings that same type of magic to the auto repair industry. When I work on your vehicle, you will see a magician at work and your alternator, and all the parts of your vehicle will be in great hands.

You will feel like I waved a magic wand with how I am able to cut your vehicle repair costs and trim away the fat from the time that is needed to do your auto repairs.  How so?

  • The best deals on auto repair services in Orlando, FL and anywhere around. A satisfied nodding is the only way to describe how you will react when you see how much more affordable using a top fleet mobile mechanic is in comparison to those other mechanics around town.
  • Trimmed away fat: Towing time, Time waiting around in an auto repair shop, and time spent waiting for business hours. When you need service, I drive to you.  Whenever the time is right or necessary for you, not during some select set of hours. 

What else is superior about my mobile mechanic services?

  1. Universal part selection- No limitation on the brand of car parts I am allowed or willing to use on your vehicle. That eliminates you being stuck with the brand/s that your local auto mechanic has on hand or being able to use other parts but being refused a warranty because of it. Essentially, you chop away some of the forced areas that your local auto repair shop makes you accept.
  2. Passion on Overdrive- The passion for fixing vehicles and performing auto repairs just seeps out of every pore of my body which is a whole lot more than can be said for the other mechanics that work on your vehicle. That amount of passion means that you get supreme satisfaction and the utmost in care for you and your vehicle when they are brought to me.


It’s a no brainer, the magic lives in me and I perform skillfully under the hood of all vehicles and my passion is second to none, so if you’re looking for the greatest auto repair experience possible, choosing me is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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